Our Story

"Pets are not just our friends, they are members of our family."


We Created PetComfort with Your Pet's Health, Safety and Comfort in Mind

As a pet owner, when I first heard about the harmful toxins that were being found in various pet food bowls, I was immediately guilt ridden at the possibility of unknowingly putting my dog's health at risk. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and create a pet feeding system that focused on what was best for my best friend Scout.

Started right here at WeatherTech in Bolingbrook, IL; PetComfort's feeding systems were designed and developed using the same high-quality standards you've seen across all WeatherTech products. Every feeding system is made in America, using only 100% American sourced raw materials and American machines and tooling.

All the materials used to make our products were vigorously tested to ensure their safety, and I can say with confidence that every component used in our feeding systems has been rigorously tested by both the NSF and FDA. And not just for pets either. At PetComfort we hold ourselves to a higher standard which is why our pet feeding bowls are the only pet food bowls that are certified safe for human use by the NSF.


How does your Bowl Compare?

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Bowl Safety Comparison

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Bowl Safety Comparison
Bowl Type PetComfort Feeding Sytem Stainless Steel Plastic Silicone Stoneware Ceramic Glass
BPA-Free Yes Yes No5 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phthalate-Free Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lead-Free Yes Yes Yes Yes No9 No9 UNKNOWN
Toxic-Filler-Free Yes Yes Yes UNKNOWN Yes Yes Yes
NSF Certified Yes No No No No No No
Shatterproof Yes Yes3 ?6 Yes No6 No2 No
Resistant to Cuts or Cracks Yes No4 No Yes Yes No3 No
Made in the U.S. with U.S.-Sourced Materials Yes No No7 No8 UNKNOWN No No10

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